Is there any interest in a much higher bandwidth serial data logger ? The initial plan is two versions, both about  the size of Sparkfun's OpenLOG that will do what it does but actually log at ~250k bytes / sec while the other will do ~1m bytes / sec and have a USB port to read the microSD card or can have a thumb drive plugged in and the data gets copied to it. The USB one will be the same size but be two boards stacked one on top of the other and include a DC/DC to make the 5v power for the thumb drive. Price on the simple one will be ~$30 and ~$50 for the USB one.

Feel free to include feature requests so hardware design can at least not preclude the possibility of your request. I'm also very interested in hearing how sensitive the size of the board is, would making it another 1/10" larger in each direction be a big deal or not ? OpenLOG is 0.6" x 0.75" x ~0.3" not including the connector pins.

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Oooops, my bad guys. This tiny implementation not to mention single ended signaling means the rate figures above are bits / sec not bytes / sec. In terms of actual bytes per second that's 25k bytes per second and 100k bytes per second, in comparison to OpenLOG's 9600 bits per second and 960 bytes per second. This is continuous data rate, not burst.

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