Hey all,


Just posting for some help. Now i'm in the design phase of my UAS and i'm looking into what sort of payload im goin to be carrying.

   As for Cameras - I know there are a few on the internet designed specifically for what i require but as usual they cost $$$$$. So before i go chuck $xxxxx at one of those i'm wondering what sort of setups any of you have.


My ground station will be situated a maximum of 3 kilometers away - thats all out maximum. Terrain is rather flat in the area with some odd trees between the Ground station and Operating area.


I've been looking at your typical CCTV dome cameras on the internet, and thought maybe some one has made one wireless? ... or bought a wireless one, and knows hows to get this sort of range out them?


I also found this:

UNIDEN UWS1113 WIRELESS SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM - again the range is a major limiting factor. 


In summary - Can you get "extreme" ranges from these wireless cameras? If so, what do i need to do it? 







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Your looking in the wrong place.

Try here. or any number of places. Search for "fpv".

Your options are many.... We use a point and shoot Canon and run CHDK to operate the camera, a 900 mhz transmitter with tuned antennas gives us 3-5 mile range.
How good is CHDK? is the live view 'live' enough? I know some P&S cams have a considerable delay that would make piloting tricky to say the least.
if you are looking longer range than rangevideo try this guys

I'll buy (http://cgi.ebay.com/1Watt-1-2GHz-Unmanned-Aerial-Vehicle-Video-Pack...) this one in next 2 months

Ah thanks guys, those links are a big help!!!!


Rangevideo certainly have some products worth investigating.  I need to use a 5.8 GHz Video Rx/Tx setup due to other frequencies being illegal in Australia, so unfortunately i will have to avoid 900Mhz.

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