HIL simulation not working using latest ( ver 1.3.25 ) mission planner.

 The HIL simulation using APM 2.5 was working great. However today I updated the mission planner to the latest version ( 1.3.25) and it does not work anymore. I switch back to the previous version ( 1.3.17) I was using, and it works fine. So it appears that some bug got introduced. Please fix this. The symptom is when I push the controls on the RC to the extremes the control surfaces move very little. Even the throttle kicks up just a little, even though the throttle on RC is full up. It is not enough to make the plane take off.

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Just FYI, really, but I experienced the same issue.  I tried to get around this by tweaking the gain settings, but that did not work.

what firmware are you using on the apm2?

I am using Arduplane 3.2.3. Same firmware works with the old mission planner.

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