Does anyone...

A: Have this Radio?

   If Yes, How well does it work?

B: Know if it has a 3way toggle switch?

   If Yes, On which channel?





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Why look at a Turnigy 9x more channels, is hackable, there has even been some integration with ArduPilot..


Check out this Blog on Hacking the Turnigy


I also have a little info in my Blog Here

Believe me, I have looked at it and frankly it's never in stock long enough for me to order one.  I can't do any purchases from work (can't even check) so I must wait until I get home and I get the in stock notices and miss the item because it's already back out of stock!


I'm actually after a good backup radio that is capable of doing the ArduPilot mode switching.  My primary is an Airtronics RDS8000.  


The model above is in stock often and the receivers are inexpensive enough to have a few on hand (compared to other brands), although I believe the Turnigy receivers are even less.

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