Anyone else had any issues with Hobby King shipping from their China warehouse? After ordering a new hexa frame from them about a week ago, I still haven't received any shipping confirmation or a valid tracking number. The tracking number on their order status page comes up NOT FOUND when I attempt to use it on the Malaysian Post (or whatever it is) tracking site. I have contacted their customer service reps several times and been met with nothing but excuses and shallow apologies. Has this been YOUR experience with HK? Post your rant here if it has. I doubt very seriously that I will EVER order anything from them again.

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You got your parcel, saved money, why are you complaining ? WHo cares if the tracking # is invalid, it has no value now as you have received your parcel.

Ive used Singapore Post and the EMS option a few times each and they have both taken a few days to Australia with SP being a few $ cheaper. I dont know why people complain about SP they have always been fast for me, but thats prolly because its only one leg from HK to SG to SYD. I wonder if SP play some wait for the next one of our flights to throw your parcel on. Perhaps the more legs in this travel the slower it gets.

this is SP from China to Croatia...I pay for order 02.03.2014


2014-04-02 09:21, Delivered

2014-04-02 02:51, Processing at Delivery Office

2014-04-01 15:02, Departed from Destination Transit Centre

2014-04-01 09:38, Held by Customs at Destination

2014-03-31 12:55, Held by Customs at Destination

2014-03-31 12:45, Received at Destination Transit Centre

2014-03-15 18:21, Handover to Airline

2014-03-14 19:44, Processing at Air Transit Center

2014-03-06 12:14, Processing at Sorting Centre

2014-03-05 20:48, Acknowledged at Transit Centre

2014-03-05 18:49, Pending shipment from Merchant/Shipper

and another one


2014-03-05 12:30, Delivered

2014-03-05 06:39, Processing at Delivery Office

2014-03-04 15:58, Processing at Delivery Office

2014-03-04 15:01, Departed from Destination Transit Centre

2014-03-03 11:00, Held by Customs at Destination

2014-03-03 10:34, Received at Destination Transit Centre

2014-02-21 22:30, Handover to Airline

2014-02-20 20:20, Processing at Air Transit Center

2014-02-14 14:09, Processing at Sorting Centre

2014-02-14 00:00, Acknowledged at Transit Centre

2014-02-13 10:47, Pending shipment from Merchant/Shipper

2014-02-10 21:19, Acknowledged at Transit Centre

Yes,now they do not ship big lipos any more....

Unable to ship this parcel to your country due to size/weight.
Your order is either too large, or too heavy for shipment to your country.
Please see the table below to understand what's permitted by your countries postal system.

Your order To country: CROATIA
Cart weight: 1398g
Total Length  0
Total Size  2mm(L+W2+H2)

Qty Product name Weight Size
1 Turnigy nano-tech 8000mAh 6S 25~50C Lipo Pack 1398g

Big BS..IT IS NOT NORMAL for tracking number to become active IN WEEK OR MORE...when I order from other sellers I get tracking number instantly with notification it will be active in 4 days...

PLEASE DO NOT DEFEND THEM bcs what they do ;waiting for other orders of similar destination(sometimes it takes 2 weeks) and only than they send!!!!

with fast postal service they also try to make few $$ more on you.

This is DHL from Taiwan...once its on plain its fast(4 days 20.2-24.2.2014) thing you do not see is I pay for order 7.2.2014

02/07/2014 Pending Transaction ID: 
Payment Type: PayPal Express Checkout (instant)
Timestamp: 2014-02-07T18:03:48Z
Payment Status: Completed
Amount: 513.23 USD
02/08/2014 Processing  
02/08/2014 Pending
02/08/2014 Processing  
02/17/2014 tracking number 3822389384 dhl

They just try every fucking way to earn 1$ more on you...1$x 1 million customers a month x12..just do the math...


Hi Ken,

if you order from HK China warehouse you should be patient, recently it took usually 40 - 50 days to get delivered to Germany.

Malaysia post is by far the slowest ive have experienced in 3 years and many orders.

Also the delivery from our (local) EU warehouse takes forever if you used to get your orders from DE Warehouse in a few days to a week.

I guess many people are waiting with their orders around december / january and then we have big traffic after chinese newyear.

you may also notice that the customs office may be another point where the delay comes from as online shoppers clog customs offices these days.

just my 2cents



Hi Ken, I made a comment that I'm in my second month waiting for some lipos for my rover - original purchase 03/03/14. I had a tracking number from day 2 after purchase. It was a FJ tracking number and I actually tracked the parcel as it moved around the world - today I receive a mail saying that my parcel has left the warehouse with a new tracking number......this time the tracking number belongs to FedEx Express - I paid for EMS originally(Lipos $90, shipping $40). Something odd brewing there.

Maybe something better will come out of this blog.....I'm tired off watching my rover collect dust.



Yes, it is normal.

This is how it works:

  1. Hobby King makes a contract with e.g. Fiji Post
  2. Fiji Post sends them a box with 10000 labels for registered letters including tracking numbers
  3. You order something from Hobby King
  4. Hobby King packs the order and puts one of the 10000 labels on your package
  5. Hobby King takes the tracking number from that label and puts it to THEIR computer => Tracking number shows up in your customer account
  6. All the packages which go via Fiji Post are shipped to Fiji
  7. After about 2 weeks, all the packages arrive in Fiji and are scanned by Fiji Post => Tracking number becomes active in Fiji Post computer system
  8. Shipment is then shipped normally from Fiji through Fiji Post

This system sucks big time as it adds at least 2 additional weeks to the shipping time but as for the delay between HK telling you the tracking number and the tracking number becoming active, THAT is normal.

Your batteries prolly got confiscated or returned to HK. THey have mentioned they will send fedex if necessary i believe somewhere.

Sounds about right. Perfect explanation.

I have been happy with HobbyKing's delivery times to Australia

Order on the 9th of April (inc 2 lipo's) from International Warehouse

Delivered on 17th of April

I used the Australian Express Channel service ($15)

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