Anyone else had any issues with Hobby King shipping from their China warehouse? After ordering a new hexa frame from them about a week ago, I still haven't received any shipping confirmation or a valid tracking number. The tracking number on their order status page comes up NOT FOUND when I attempt to use it on the Malaysian Post (or whatever it is) tracking site. I have contacted their customer service reps several times and been met with nothing but excuses and shallow apologies. Has this been YOUR experience with HK? Post your rant here if it has. I doubt very seriously that I will EVER order anything from them again.

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Update - Still no product received from early March order.  Hate to say it, but I think it was on the Malaysian flight and is now lost.  Contacted HobbyKing and they opened a investigation ticket but mentioned it will take between 4-6 weeks to conclude their investigation.  All I have to say is that I'm seriously thinking of discontinuing any further business with their HK office.



The Malaysian flight got lost after leaving KL on its way to Beijing. Why would a parcel leaving HK going to the US be routed to such a flight ?

Im kind of surprised at the shipping stories some of you guys have reported. I have used hobbyking for 4 orders but so far have gotten nothing but fast over the weekend deliveries(maybe ive just been really lucky?).

The 2 times I've had something shipped from hongkong (order1.plane,radio,charger - order2. radio module, receiver), I placed the order on thursday or friday, used DHL, and both times received the order on monday morning. Shipping was fairly expensive but still when compared to prices at local hobby shops was still around the same but for a better product.

Also during both of these weekends I placed orders internationally, I placed orders at the USA west warehouse for some batteries and other misc stuff the same day to avoid having the customs battle. Both times the orders from USAwest shipped usps, showed up a day later than the shipments from hongkong via DHL??? How china is closer to me than washington, I have no clue....

My advice, don't get batteries shipped internationally. Pay the extra $$ and use DHL(swisspost is more expensive but i havent used them since dhl has always been a+ and shipped within 3 days). But it seems to work for me.

Same here, Gave me fake tracking number, Before that they excepted my order then two days later said "That there price was wrong and wanted me to send another $2 US".

Well we pay for the service. If you pay £20-£30 you want to have it on time. Ali express seller deliver to UK within a week for free.

I used the delivery service. They have always been fast for me, but thats prolly.

I gave up on HK about 2 years ago.

Basically they allowed someone there reset my account signed in, changed my name, address and email, cancelled my order and issue a credit then used the credit to order themselves some stuff for shipping to a Russian address. I caught the transaction before it had shipped and they took 5 days to cancel the order by which time it had shipped and been delivered.

Then, given the absolute farce based on their mess they demanded that i provide them a copy of my government ID before they'd re-instate my account or issue a refund. Fortunately PayPal to the rescue, they cancelled the payment and I haven't used HK since. 

They have some cool shiny stuff but their customer service  is awful and it's just not worth the pain 

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