Im currently flying the EPP FPV, and although I do have it working ok, im having some trouble tuning it, especially in loiter and turns. 

Does anyone have a .pram file for this airframe? Im currently using the skywalker pram file, and have made some changes to this. 

My opinion of this airframe is that you get what you pay for. Its big, cheap ($65) and quick to build but is draggy and has some not so nice flight characteristics. It is tough and easy to repair tho. I have tested this theory! Below was a radio falure in manual mode.


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Flys great on manual and stabilised, but the stock settings don't move it at all on rtl and any guided autopilots. It's too stable, needs higher pids. Does yours work fine on stock pids in rtl mode?
Yes RTL is great. Check that your modes are properly registering maybe? Does it budge at all?

Also check the throw of your control surfaces. 

It does move slightly on rtl and loiter, but only just. Control surfaces have great movement, I can almost get the big beast doing aerobatics with no load on board. I posted my log file here:


And was advised by someone who knows a lot more than me to tune the pids.

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