I'm trying to setup my tricopter at home, in my office

my gps is locked and my tricopter on a table

My horizon in the flight planner is moving?? My tricopter don't move..

Is it because i'm inside and because my gps have not a good lock ?

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ok that post went wrong?

without ublox (no GPS), the horizon is perfectly stable

with mediatek the horizon moves just a little bit. 

it is probably the ublox "driver" software. now for a guru to fix this :-)

have you guys noticed that the ublox flies around the world while trying to get a gps fix

and the mediatek stays at lat 0.0 lon 0.0 ?

I have the same problem....

I made a short video of the problem (horizon moving) . It's easier to understand. check : https://vimeo.com/63002987

I am in my office. It's not the best place for my gps...

I made a short flight with the gps fixed yesterday..Not so bad...My horizon is maybe only moving on mission planner but not in reality ???

check : https://vimeo.com/62951203

Do i have to ugrade the software of my GPS?

This is normal and a funny little quirk of the current code. If you arm you should see the horizon settle. THere are moves to correct this due to the confusion it's causing, but for now just arm it and see.

thanks for clearing that up Dave

thank you too ! I made a new flight in the afternoon and my tricopter is flying very nice ! 

I recently brought up a PX4 (with Ublox GPS) and noticed my horizon moving around while board was sitting still on table.

The UBlox GPS does much better and faster fix than the Mediatek in my APM, but on my APM the horizon doesnt move while it is sitting still.

Seems to me that the GPS should never affect the horizon in any case, it simply reports position and altitude.

The Accelerometers and Gyros determine horizon attitude, not the GPS.

So, if it is the GPS causing it, it is because something is wrong with the software.

And, even if it isn't, it still seems like it's got to be something wrong with the software.

I noticed today with Androplane tests, when you are some bit undervoltaged (?) APM. Horizon could be turn like cracy, and other symptoms also.

its known issue

set advanced parametr ahrs_gps_gain =0

for disable horison moving while GPS drift

its parameter must correct horison on airplane in spin and cant be used on arducopter


How does this setting affect airplane flight?  I have _never_ seen this before with any APM hardware/software up until this new APM2.5 and ArduPlane 2.70.  This picture shows what the normal gps drift is doing to the APM's sense of the horizon while the APM is sitting still on my bench.

I am having a similar issue when I attach the Air speed sensor on arduplane 2.7.  not sure why airspeed affects the AH, so at the moment I fly without the airspeed sensor.

that explains why my gimbal keeps jittering and moving while disarmed and sitting on a flat surface...

APM 2.5 with 2.9.1 and a uBlox on a tricopter

cheers Christoph

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