hello I can create a horizontal circle with the loiter turn command on the mission planner,
 but I want to create a vertical circle with which command or 
how can I do it like a ferris wheel movement? 
Thanks for your help in advance The movement I want to create is like the picture below.

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Eğer öyle ise, omrfyyz@gmail.com adresine yazarsanız yardımcı olmaya çalışırım.

Eğer öyle değilse, bu her bir waypoint için önceden hesaplanmış irtifaları vererek mümkün, ancak hiç pratik değil.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful information YourTexasBenefits.

x=(amplitude_diameter)*cos(angle_phase)                                            ----> x = displacement on the horizontal(horizon) plane

z=(amplitude_diameter)*sin(angle_phase) + min._distance_to_ground ----> z= altitude variation

you can do a mission with waypoints or a routine to your radio controller.

if you do a routine you have to output a signal fron your trhottle sinusoidal, and sinusoidal to dor the pitch channel for example.

if you want to do a misson (in loop (DO_JUMP commande)) you ned to  select for example 10 points in your circunference,

one each 36 degrees, and aply the equiations i put to calculate wich altitude, and latitude(only latitude if yout displecemment in the the local meridian "north to south") you ned to put latitude number diferrences in order to make the displacement you want, maybe yo want to no that R(earth)*Angle(in radiands) is distance in surface of the earth.

So to se the 2 points coordinates wich represent the amplitude_diameter distance betwen them you do

|Latitude1- latitude2| = 0.00..x in degrees,..., you pas that to radians to se the distance..... you can do that by hand or in a calc procesor like excel or open_calc or whateve... i hope you get my idea

to undrestan my equations search in google : oscilatory motion

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