I must be misunderstanding something, but when I see motors such as 


It says that the needed voltage is 4-6s, that is 14.8V minimum.

Now, how can a 4s battery, supply FOUR 14.8 Volt motors?

Wouldn't the required voltage need to be 4*14.8=59Volts?

I must be misunderstanding something, because splitting a 14.8 Volts into four different paths, using a power distribution board, should theoretically create 4 paths with 14.8/4=3.7Volts each, which is far below the required voltage for the four quadcopter motors.

I hope someone can clear this up for me because my lack of understanding is getting on my nerves



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The motors, via the ESCs, are connected in parallel with the power supply, so they all receive 14,8 V (1) at their terminals, while dividing the current supplied by the battery among themselves. At a given voltage, the energy capacity of a battery then can be roughly measured in A.h, which allows one to determine if the battery (and ESCs) are rated for the desired current required by the motors.

Your calculations assume a series connection.

(1) Maximum average voltage, the actual average voltage is varied by the ESCs using a method known as Pulse Width Modulation, and is roughly proportional to the resulting motor speed, and hence thrust.
That's just basic Electrical Theory 101.

Yep, was switching up the effect of a parallel power supply on Voltage to Amps, brain glitch.



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