I recently recieved my 3DR hexacopter kit with the 880kv motors. I recieved two versions of the same motor in the kit. The one version has a small hole on the top frame and a sticker I believe and only does about 3 full turns when I spin it before it stops, where the other version spins much longer. I can also hear what i've read on some posts refered to as popcorn sounds. I'm new to multi copters and went ahead with flying my hexacopter. During flight after a few minutes one of the motors cutout and it crashed upside down. I ordered two new motors to replace what I broke an they seem to have the same problems. Are the motors bad? How do I order new motors and know I'm getting good ones? Should I buy different motors from somewhere else? Also, if one motor goes out on a arducopter hexa, shouldn't it remain stable long enough for me to land it?


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simple test for motors- connect the affected motor's ESC lead to your throttle output on the receiver itself and spin it up from the radio without the APM in the loop. That will tell you if both the ESC and the Motor are working. If it doesnt run properly, swap out a known good ESC and test it again.

AFAIK i dont think youd have much luck keeping a hex stable with a failed rotor. Could be wrong, as ive not yet experienced that but the result of a midflight failure is typically a case of terminal deceleration trauma.

Good luck


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