How do you make the interconnection between ArduIMU+ and Arduino board?

Could anyone tell me what is the best way to send data from ArduIMU+ (non flat) to another board? I'm not sure about how to do that.

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OK, Chris. Thanks for reply. Some questions about it:

Do I need to use only three of the FTDI pins(GRND, OUT, IN)?
The 3v3 output from ArduIMU+ will work. But... what will gonna happen with the ttl output from Arduino? It will send data at 5v... OK? Does it needs some additional circuit to down that voltage?
No, TTL serial is TTL serial--voltages don't matter. Those three pins are sufficient.
Thank you, Chris!
I will do that, right now.

I read something about TTL and LTTL and I was afraid to make the connection.
Good to know that will not go mess up. ;)
Ok. My Seeeduino and ArduIMU+ are interconnected by UART pins. So what is the best way for controlling the flux of serial data between the boards. I need to get the more recent angle's data, by getting serial infos from Arduimu+. But it needs to be done fasten, because the info will be used to calculate correction for quad-copter stabilization. It needs to be synchronized?
You can start from Doug's Ardu-IMU-Pilot page but you will need to add sync and speedups...
Also see Christopher's post
Hey, Mark! I've been out for a while... But I'm back.
I worked too much at last days. Now I deserve to play a little. :D

Your indication was awesome!
I know that I gonna have some trouble on the GPS part, because of NMEA's length.
But... for now I don't have a GPS. So, I will concentrate my efforts to coding the sync between the two boards and I will test the correction response speed. :)
I will start to coding now. Thank you for show me the direction!

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