Hi all,
My friend and I have been working on our own stitching tool in our free time for a bit over a year now. It’s been helpful enough to us that we were looking at opening it up to a larger group for free if you all would find it helpful too. What does everyone else do for a stitching/processing workflow and how has that worked out for you?

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I like to keep things simple and do most of my work using MS ICE with good success as long as you start with good images,

Have been using Photoscan, but having to resort to Hugin to do simple large stitches but it does blow up frequently.

I would be very interested in trying out your program.

Photoscan but I can see myself investing in Pix4D in the near future. 

Always up for trying something new.

I have been using www.dronifi.com

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