I know how to use Graupner SUMO, but I would like to try SUMD with 3.2.1.

I found PX4 SUMD which I thought would be similar and therefore I connected the Spektrum/DSM port of the Pixhawk with GND and signal only to the Graupner RX port 8. I didn't connect Vcc because its 3V3 at the Pixhawk and I use 5V. Didn't work, any ideas ?

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@Andre : yes an internal pullup (or down) may have the same effect than connecting input to the ground, but i'm not px4io hardware specialist

@Ultrafuge : what do you mean by "MP act as if it would be on hold" ?

Yes at power up (with tx off) the GR 16 send some channel values (visible on MP), decoded by the Pixhawk, but the flag failsafe is set => the pixhawk is really in failsafe  (and then circle/rtl mode)

After that if you set the transmitter on and then off, the gr16 will have a different behaviour and won't send any data ( with SUMDOF setting), and MP won't display any values.

Graupner provide an alternate software for GR16, which send always data, even in FS with SUMDOF setting. In this case data are tagged with "failsafe" flag.

The merge on master is not an huge job, just need the time to do it.



Benoît said:

@Ultrafuge : what do you mean by "MP act as if it would be on hold" ?

No big deal, don't worry, in my case MP doesn't reflect shutting down the TX (channels are showing last value), I have to restart MP to see the correct state (failsafe and channels 0 and grey). 


Pull request is now accessible here


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