How is voltage and current handled in the mission planner?

I have searched and can't find much information on how voltage and current is handled in the mission planner. I have a APM2 and 90A AttoPilot that brings in voltage and current. I have set the size of the battery in mAHrs in the setup. I have also set it up to read voltage & current.

How is this information used?

I see where the voltage is calculated and displayed on the main HUD.

Is the current being used anywhere in these calculations?

Is this something that is going to added in the future?

I see where someone is using  "osd_battery_remaining_A value" in their MinimOSD. How is this value calculated and when is it reset? On power up of the APM, does it expect a fresh fully charged battery?

Any help or directions to the proper documentation is appreciated.

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Is there anyone that can tell me how voltage and current is handled in the mission planner? Is mAHr available anywhere? Any future plans?

it will be available in mavlink 1.0. but is not currently.

Thanks Michael. How is battery remaining calculated in the mission planner now?

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