I have a pixhawk with all the accessories (GPS, Data radios, OSD) and I'm powering through the power port with the servo rail as a backup. How many amps is the power port going to draw? I have this bec that only outputs 1 amp with a max of 1.5 amps. I just want to be sure it will cut it...



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Hi Paul, did you find an answer?


    I want to walk through some basic logic about the Pixhawks current. This will be assuming alot, however, the standard for a USB 2.0 connection has a current rating of 500mA. Thus, if you connect the Pixhawk with all the "accessories" to your USB 2.0 connection (on your common laptop) and they become powered then the Pixhawk draws less than 500mA. So, in theory, anything above 500mA will have enough current to power your Pixhawk.

Hope this helps,


Clever solution! Thanks!

At rest it draws about 200mA

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