Hi there,

Just recorded my first flight on a Quad with Camera + OSD on board. Seem to be getting a sh*t load of interference and trying to work out what I should expect before I start trying to improve it.

My gear is:

  • ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8Ghz TX
  • ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz UNO RX
  • standard out of box antenna
  • MiniOSD
  • APM2
  • EasyCapture USB dongle + Acer Aspire Netbook for video recording (Fatsharks are on backorder)

Have attached the following video. To me it seems to have a lot of interference... The RX was ~ 50m away on the dashboard of my car.

Thoughts? suggestions?

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Just right-click in the HUD window:

As previously mentioned, make, or buy, a pair of circularly polarized antennas. They will reduce your multipathing down to almost nothing. Also get your receiver antenna up high, 1m high or more is ok, 2 is better.

Have a quick read about the Fresnel zone. I'll attach a Freznel zone spreadsheet I made so you can quickly get an idea of it's size. make sure the zone is clear of objects, especially metal ones like your car. :)


Thanks Chris,  this is awesome.  I keep on learning things the APM2 and Mission Planner will do.  It would be cool to have this all written down somewhere and updated so we can print the latest info any time and it will be up to date.  I bet you will write back showing me that it is already being done! :)

Thanks again,


Rick: Yes, it's in the manual ;-)


Well, see...I was looking for the above function several days ago, and I did not see it.  Is it really in the manual?  There seems to be so much the APM will do, but it appears I often find little pieces of info here and there.   And yes, it is often very well written.  And often, when I go back to find it, I can not because it was on some page or link way over some place else.

Maybe I once again, am having trouble adjusting to the exponential curve of this info age :)

Thanks again Chris,


Hi Alex,

I'm also in Sydney so perhaps we can catch up and compare notes some time. Admittedly my APM2 is in a plane, but it doesn't look like ESC interference in your video, so I'd bet that it's your antennas.

Here's a video I made in a park near Manly. This is more what you should expect with CP antennas.

BEVRC PV700 flight recorder + PZ0420 D-WDR CCD camera test


This, absolutely this.

I am very certain that your problem is multipath or polarization loss which can be easily corrected by making a good set of circularly polarized antennas. 

I actually am thinking about making some videos on building them, it is very easy stuff.

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