I would like to configure two radio channel of my receiver to pass-through Pixhawk on its RC aux channels (that is the RC9 to RC14 aux PWM outputs).

I found in mission planner the RCx_FUNCTION parameter which allows to define that RCx will be used as a pass-through output. But the question is how do you allocate which receiver channel will be passed through it ?


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    I'm afraid that's not supported in ArduCopter although it's on the to-do list.  I might be possible to use the camera gimbal and set the tilt drop-down to the output channel you want to use.  Then make sure Stabilize is unchecked and then set the Input Ch drop-down to the channel from the radio that you plan to send your inputs through.  No sure but might work.

Thx. I ave tried this with the camera trigger for ch7. It works but I notice a strong lag versus plugging directly into the receiver.

I'm having the same issue. All I want to do is to have ch7 on the tx trigger a payload release through RC9 on the Pixhawk. Does anyone have any other possible hacks to get this to work? The camera method isn't working for me. I built my quad specifically for a payload delivery mission so if I can't get this work, well, that would be unfortunate...

Do you have screenshots of your camera gimbal screen , your extended tuning screen? And eventually also a schematics of your wiring?

Perhaps you could install a second Rx dedicated to controlling aux. functions like this directly...

Randy, let me first say thanks for the huge amount of work the devs and especially you put into this. I am in no position to try to influence the priorities on the "to-do-list". 

But this feature - a simple, straight, no hacks , no crutches passthru of RC-Channel x to AUX-out Pin x is probably the most wanted by the Arducopter users. Everyone wants to control servos for auxiliary functions like landing gear, pan/tilt of brushless gimbals etc. etc.  (By the way, servo controlled gimbals are pretty much extinct now, might as well dump that code to make room for something else on the APM)

Heck, you guys are close to reading channels 9 to 16 on the SBus - might as well let us do something with these ;-)

Hugues, are you using openLRSng  for your RC? if yes, you can assign on of the available pins to output pwm value of a needed channel while still maintaining PPM connection to your flight controller..... 

if using FrSky x8r or x6r you can grub pwm directly from one of the ch pins, while connecting to your FC using s.bus 

I think that's one of the reasons I like Futaba. I use sbus for PX4 and I'll have all 8 pins for channel 1-8 or 9-16 for choice, which can connect to other device.

Artem,what about Graupner MX20 with gr24 rx?

does it have a dedicated ppm port? if so, you should be able to grub pwm from the pwm pins simultaneously with ppm feed to your fc.  if no, than get a ppm-pwm converter, put y harness before it. this way you will have ppm and pwm for the same channels. I think it is better to keep FC to do only a singe task of control the aircraft/providing telemetry and control all the peripherals with another board or directly with the RC to take off any additional stress/work on the FC, thus providing more timing for crucial operations. 


or get FrSky Taranis with DTF UHF :) 

Hi Artem, I have X8R and I need to fetch PWM channels above the 8th. So I need to get them through Sbus I guess.

That is a clear advantage Xin


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