I would like to configure two radio channel of my receiver to pass-through Pixhawk on its RC aux channels (that is the RC9 to RC14 aux PWM outputs).

I found in mission planner the RCx_FUNCTION parameter which allows to define that RCx will be used as a pass-through output. But the question is how do you allocate which receiver channel will be passed through it ?


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What's that DTF from frsky?

Actually, you can configure the x8r to output the top 8 channels and use the sbus out for the lower 8 to the pixhawk.

Really? That would be a solution indeed. I cannot find this in a X8R manual. If you have any instructions I'd be happy!

I just set my X8R up to do this and it works fine with the pixhawk.  You need to bind the receiver using mode 4(D16) instructions from the manual. 

Artem,yes it does have PPM  port,so I just grub PWM from PWM channel 9 and 10 for example(I have 12 channel in total) for pitch and pan control of my AlexMos 3ax gimbal controller

here is how everything should look

Simimple BGC  3.0.0  (322bit) connection diagram


Thx. I am trying to understand the X8R manual (Chinese English). It says this :

-More number of channels: 1~8ch from conventional channel outputs, 1~16ch from SBUS port, or combine two X8R to become a 16 channels receiver.

-Parallel two X8R to become a 16 channel receiver.

These two bullet points from the manual are contradictory and not clear : do I need then to place a parallel second X8R module to get the 16 channels or not ?

I have a Pixhawk with the SBUS input.  I configured the X8R in mode 4 (bind with jumpers between CH1&CH2, CH3&CH4 on the receiver)

Mode 4 configures the 8 Servo outputs on the X8R to be channels 9-16 plus telemetry is enabled.  The Pixhawk picks up channels 1-8 from the SBUS signal.  Pixhawk uses channels 1-8, the X8R routes channels 9-16 to the servo channel outputs on the X8R receiver so those channels can be used for normal servo outputs.  On the X8R receiver 1 becomes 9, 2 becomes 10, etc.

For my setup I only need 1 X8R.  I'm using channels 9-16 to control a camera gimbal, video switch, LEDs, etc.

Follow the discussion here, i did same request to the dev team.

Thx a lot
Thx Marco

Brian did a great job explaining!  sorry most of the time on the phone and it is tricky to do a detailed explanation, as I stated above I would prefer to leave FC doing one single thing of controlling the flight and control other functions directly from RC.  With all the HUGE benefits of x8r it is still 2.4ghz and thus my vTx 1.2ghz knocks it clean out at ~150m, so I use UHF for FPV.  

openLRSng is a huge improvement which puts openLRS ahead of both ezUHF and Dragonlink on a quality hardware like DTF UHF or Flytron stuff.  I like DTF UHF for its solid hardware and filtered bands. 

p.s. Hugues and anyone using x8r/x6r  with a mavlink FC, check this thread (who havent):


you can have teensy to react (trigger functions/equipment) based on pwm/ppm from the receiver or mavlink messages from fc. also teensy3.1 has built in DAC modulator so one can use it to pump telemetry via audio channel of a video tx. 

thx for this info. where is a good place to buy DTF UHF? Do you use 433Mhz telemetry from 3DR ? Does it not interfere wuth OpenLRSng ?


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