We are having problems with cargo drone - somebody is stealing or just jamming our cargo when we fly through one place (information about place is confidential). So we think how to avoid drone defender (most likely, this tool is used, because drone starts to fly to another destination)? Is there any protection? Maybe if we will make 100% autopilot without GPS that defender will not stop our drone?

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why not add FS parachutes and duplicate all the systems on it ...?

a IMU track-presure FS parachute...?

only mechanicals ....?

If you are talking about diyprototype-test-ideas you ned cheap materials... :)

and you ned to fly always in safety areas...

sorry for my english..

Tobias said:

This discussion started with the question how to avoid "drone defender", a jammer only available to authorities. Did you read the  question? Its not about general strategies to handle gnss loss. Its about continuing a mission if gnss is lost.

In this thread people suggest to wrap electronics in metal foil, cut all communication lines and the send a cargo drone (5kg???) into an environment where someone probably is using a jammer. What happens if the metal foil does not work as expected? Will the 5 kg thing fly without controll through the air and crash some where? That is an incredible unresponsible thing to do and  if people have ideas like that its no wonder that flying drones will be forbidden soon.

Of course there are great diy projects. But the work behind them is more than wrapping electronics into metal foil.


First of all, it is illegal to jam ANY radio frequency in the US. Jamming devices are illegal.

Penalties are severe...Jamming penalies in US.

Any GPS jamming OR INTERFERENCE would affect the GPS device in a car and any other device using GPS! If so,

Carlos, how do you KNOW someone is " jamming our cargo when we fly through one place". Have you used an RF spectrum analyzer in the area where this occurs? If you have, why have you not reported the jamming to the FCC?

More than likely your system has a software/hardware error in processing the GPS data. Perhaps the software is improperly processing the way-point data. Perhaps the way-point data is corrupted; any number of issues. With civilian L1 GPS transmitted at 1.575 ghz, there could be RF harmonics overwhelming the GPS receiver, perhaps from an EMI source on your system, interfering with your GPS receiver!

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