i have problem how to calculate clean yaw angle from 9 dof sensor,

right now, i just can get roll and pitch from fusion sensors of accelero and gyro, and use complementary filter to make it clean from noise

but, for yaw, is anybody have any idea how to calculate it? i search on internet but found a lot of theory that make me so confused

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I'll reply to bump this request. I also am looking for the capability to determine yaw in a ground vehicle using a gyro and accelerometer. I cannot use a magnetometer or GPS for this project. After a few days over the last couple of weeks I have not found a solution and suspect there may not be one. 

Here are my thoughts.

Pitch and roll are measurable against the gravity acceleration vector. In short, you know there is movement and the amount from the gyro. The accelerometer validates the movement and clarifies the direction. 

With yaw there is no acceleration vector as a reference. All there is as measurements is the gyro and accelerometer changes. Those are insufficient to provide a good yaw reading.

I am hoping someone can convince and show me otherwise. 


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