How to configure CAM_TRIG_DIST to ouput a PWM signal from a Pixhawk output ?


I would lile to use the Survey function in mission planner which uses the CAM_TRIG_DIST method to trigger a camera at regular distance intervals.

I'm using an infrared camera trigger which is activated by a PWM signal (configurable).

The question is on the Pixhawk board, how do I configure the PWM output pin that is triggered by CAM_TRIG_DIST ? Is there a parameter somewhere or is it hardcoded to s specific pixhawk output port ?

Thx for quick help, I have to do some photogrammetey shoot tomorrow !

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You might find some useful information at this post:


@aforsyth Thanks for the link! Good to know!

The wiki does not mention that it is not working with Pixhawk. 

But: "Stay tuned for a 3DR CHDK cable" . Any update on this?


I have not heard any more news from 3DR on any attempt on their side to address the incompatibility of the Pixhawk and CHDK cameras, but I have heard they are working on a board specifically designed around camera control.

As mentioned in the github post, we are working on integrating this voltage stepper into our system for the time being:

Thanks for the link!

The problem is it all means more weight. This is why I like the simple solution for the APM. Camera control board sounds good. Some teaser 3DR?

Thanks Aforsyth, this is the answer I needed. 

As I use a NEX5 camera triggered by an IR device which is itself triggered by a PWM servo signal, I can thus use Cam_trigg_dist with pixhawk AUx1 (and mapping ch7 to this AUx1).

I'm impatient to try it out!

@hughes, I've read / followed your IR trigger setup instructions and myself have a Nex5 and Strattosnapper2 trigger. For some reason, the flight data servo commands "toggle" and "high" will trigger the camera just fine, but the "Trigger Camera NOW" right-click command and the DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST do not activate trigger. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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