Hey DIY Drones community,

I'm a newbie in the RC and UAV domain, but I really wan to learn :)

This is why I've recently bought a ready to fly plane from 3D Robotics (https://store.3drobotics.com/products/3DR-ARF-APM:Plane).

I'm still in the process to understand how everything works, and I'm stuck with my RC controller. I've bought the Spektrum DX6i controller but I don't  know how to connect it to my apm board (see picture). It must be something very simple but I could find the answer on the web or on youtube.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Morli,

Thanks for the advices about the sailsafe configuration.

I really want to se my UAV fly but I know as wel that I still need to improve my knowledge and my skills. 

So it will wait a couple of weeks. I don't understand yet all the subtilities of the mission planner software and I don't want to loose my plane :)


thank you very much, i like your article

RC airplane

Good News, I've finally succeed :)

I've used the "thro" wire from my plane to power up the Rx.

I didn't do that in the beginning because the wire don't fit perfectly to the receiver and I had to force a bit to put i inside. 

But after that I've been able to power up the Rx and I saw the orange light. I waited until the light stop to blink and that's all :D

Thanks again for all your answers.They have been really helpful !

Have a good day.


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