how to Control a Quadcopter using APM 2.6 without using RC stick and without GPS

Hi everyone,

I am using apm 2.6, and I want to make my quadcopter flies without gps, and I found this tutorial ,it says that I can use the stabilize mode because this mode does not need gps. But the problem is in my project I can't use RC stick, I have to control it from the computer by connecting the telemetry radio to the PC and using mission planner.

Could you help me to figure out how can I do that?? Thank you in advance.

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I want to make it fly indoor, so the GPS will not work. I have bought radio telemetries, but I could not find any tutorial about using laptop to control the quadcopter.  Can you guide me, please??


How are you determining the the position of the aircraft?

How good are you at programming c++?

For now, I don't want to set the position of the quadcopter , I just want to lift it up, control the roll , pitch and yaw. 

Umm, I am good at programming c++ but not excellent ,and I will do my best to learn anything I don't know.


I know this post is 5 months old, but just in case you haven't come up with a solution, I suggest that you consider using the Joystick input to the Mission Planner to control the Copter. Just be aware that you should re-do the RC callibration for the joystick (as it will most likely differ from the RC settings stored in you ArduCopter). Next thing to have in mind is safety... Altough I've had some positive experience with the joystick for flying in SITL and for controlling a camera mount from the Ground Station, flying a copter (inherently dangerous) without a good quality RC transmitter requires some special attention.



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