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The local high school in my small town has approached me about using my drone to drop an american football on the field before the Homecoming Game in a few weeks.  Assuming my Y6 can comfortably carry the weight (I'll be  testing that in the next day or so) and assuming there are safety precautions in place...

...what RC equipment would you recommend for carrying and remotely releasing a football that I could mount to a 3DR Y6?  Would it be possible to control the drop as a waypoint action in Mission Planner?

FYI: I currently have an 8 channel radio/receiver and am only using 7 channels

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Amos ;

I droppped you a message to your inbox.



It'd be funny if the kicker acted like he kicked the ball on the drone at one end of the field, it flew up and over the posts on the other end, and landed on the other side..... "and the kicker is about to attempt a 100 yard field goal!"

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