Hello. I would like to enable various functionalities of the auxiliary channels, for example channel 7 and 8. I go to the Mission Planner and i set the Aux channel 7 to do a flip.

On my Rc Transmitter (Turnigy 9x) i have set a stick for channel 7 functionality.

Finally i have attached a cable from the Rc Receiver Channel 7 to the APM Input 7.

Now all i have to do, to enable this functionality is to toggle the stick assigned to channel 7 on my transmitter.

I do all the above but there is something wrong and the auxiliary channel action is not working.

I tried other actions instead of flip.

Is this the necessary procedure to follow in order to enable a functionality of an auxiliary channel? Is there anything else i have to do? What am i missing?

Thanks in advance!


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Seriously, nobody can help a bit with this?

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