I clicked on the pick previous firmware link on the latest APM planner as I wished to reload arducopter 2.8.1 as opposed to the latest 2.9.1b.

However I get the following in the drop down box, have I done something wrong?

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Did you get sorted Quentin, if not that's the correct box, I think that it's the hex codes for the different versions, if you click on one of the lines you will see the code versions below each of the platform descriptions in the main window changing. The most recent version is at the top and as you go down the list you get older versions.



I hadn't but just tried it and get the following error!

Thanks for the info though :)

Can't help with your error, maybe someone else might know, maybe try uninstall and reinstall mission planner :)

Did that and tried a different machine, must be missing from the server somewhere.

Thanks for all your help Martin.

I'm in the same boat as you are. I want to go back to 2.8.1 as well but get the exact results you are getting.....

very frustrating.

The box is nomal.  You have to pick the git commit number for the version you want. 

You can look them up here : https://github.com/diydrones

The box could be a bit wider though.  it would be easier to read, but if you select a git commit number, you will see the release version number change under the vehicle icon.

The server error was a problem with Amazon where we host firmware.diydrones.com.  It seems to be working now

2.8.1 is 10 down the list.  I just loaded  2.8.1 quad onto an APM 2 and it worked fine for me.

Give it another try, but really I would recommend putting your time into tuning your quad for 2.9.1b  It is an order of magnitude better than 2.8.  The twitching you are seeing on your vehicle using 2.9.1b is just from the P term being too high for your setup.

Ok thanks for the information Craig, I will have another go at tuning the relevant terms as I agree the 2.9.1b update is much better than 2.8.1, it's just that the loiter is awful! I have been doing without it up until recently but really need it for a particular job at the moment.

Which D terms are you referring to as I was told to adjust the Loiter Rate P which didn't really help, maybe I need to be more aggressive with the tuning. This was the response from Randy when I first raised the concerns...


     Ok good news.  Loiter is a bit fidgety.  That will go away with the inav loiter & waypoint changes coming in 2.9.2.  Until then the best you can do is reduce the Loiter Rate P

Sorry typo on my part. P term

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