I am worried. I bought a Bormatec Maja airplane in which I´d like to install a camera (canon ixus? panasomic lumix?) for mapping purposes. Hence the camera should be installed into the "floor" of the plane. However, I am too worried cutting a hole into my new plane only to realize that I messed it up!

Is anybody aware of a tutorial video or does anyone has some tips how to start and/or what to consider before/after installation?

Any help is very much appreciated!


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Hi Jens,

I assume you have the standard Maja body?

I had a great guy in the UK design and make one for me to carry two Canon s90's, one converted to IR.

We put the autopilot (Gluonpilot 1) in the top half with the RC receiver;

We then replaced the IR camera with a Tetracam ADC Micro, we had to butcher the plywood and 3D printed a base, which was secured to the bottom of the Maja's Corex sheet;

You can buy a tray online from a German firm and adapt it;

Assembly Services Online in Germany sell this tray and a nice mount...

We have just built a Wide Bodied Maja to take a Sony NEX7 and Tetracam MCA 5 with ILS;

The camera lifts out and the Autopilot stays flat inside, as we had issues with it sitting upside down whilst powered up.

We also find this design allot stronger, having one piece in the bottom, rather than two pieces!

Best of luck !

Awesome! Thank you very much, Keith! This looks very helpful.

Two things I do not understand.

1) How did you know where to place the cameras within the body in order not to destroy the balance of the UAV?  I mean you cannot cut a hole into the body and then realize that it should be 2 cm left or right. did you use a balance ? but how?

2) I thought that Canon would be the easiest option due to the CDHK. how do you trigger the nexus ? 

as I have progress, I will post it here :)

thank you!


Hi Jens,

1. Place the batteries in the front, mount the motor and prop on the back, elevator and rudder. Then place the camera inside and see where the Centre Of Gravity is.

Your Maja should have a few screw holes for the wings, so you can adjust the wing to the C of G, then once you've mounted everything properly, you can move the batteries a little, or use lead car wheel balance weights, embeded in the nose. Better to be nose heavy than tail heavy!

2. You can trigger a Sony NEX camera by using a IR trigger, which connects to a servo channel, I'm still playing with the settings on my IR trigger, so right now CHDK will work best under the Ardupilot. You can buy an IR trigger from Gentles in Edinburgh, Scotland, they call it ShutterPLUS.

Where will you be flying? I am based in Nottingham, England, but fly all over the UK.

Best of luck,


Hi Keith,

thanks again for your ideas! I will do my best! Yet, until April I will be in Africa from tomorrow on. Definitely I will be flying in southern Morocco, Ethiopia and Namibia. That are the places were my scientific projects are (I am an ecologist).

Besides that, I will be flying (if ever) mainly in northern Germany. I am living in Hamburg, not far from the UK. If you ever pass by, say hello! :)



Keith, this setup is perfect. Anything I can do to get my hands on this tray or detailed enough drawings to get it cut out locally? I have access to a laser cutter. I haven't purchased my cameras yet, but these are more than sufficient for my needs.


Also, where did you get your IR converted s90 or where did you get it converted?

Hi Paul,

I've sent you a friends request, so we can converse via PM's.



Hi Keith

I know this is old, but is it please possible to forward me more detailed CAD drawings for the above Gimbal?



Hi Michael,

The camera is not mounted in a gimbal, just a plywood form lined with foam.

Hi Keith Thanks

Hi Keith Maybe I used the wrong Wording. The guys at Bormatec forwarded me a link to a Camera Gimbal, which I would like to fit in a frame something the one you have

Hi Keith The

Do you have the wide bodied Maja or a standard Maja / Explorer?

I had the design done in Auto CAD then cut out of plywood using a laser. If you already have a link to a gimbal, does that not have a way to fix it inside the plane?

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