I have a couple questions,


when using the APM_mission planner to load a mission should i overwrite the 'defines.h' file?


if i choose to save it as another name , what piece of code do i need to tweak to find that mission plan file?


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No, it will not overwrite that file. It's just looking for the info in that file to populate its menus.
perhaps i wasnt clear, so should i save the file as a unique name to my apm source location? or should i save it as defines.h , if i save it as a unique filename then when i switch to auto mode will it read the waypoints from that file?and if i save a couple of different missions , is there a way to cycle from one mission to another?

Hi Mahmood,


The manual is here for the mission planner.


When you open the mission planner, go to the options, select the defines.h file, this should be the first thing you do, the file is found in the APM main folder. It will over write it. When you have done that you will need to set your home location, click on the lower right corner, it should prompt you to click on the map, place your way points on the map, load the way points you have placed on the map into the EPROM, use write EPROM for this. Once the points are up loaded, if you click read EPROM it should then load the way points back into the planner from the APM. You do not need to keep re writing the APM defines.h file after the first time of selecting it.

If you cannot communicate with the APM make sure USB is plugged in all the way, make sure the correct COM port and speeds are selected.

I hope this helps.





thanks martin yup i read the manual , thats the part that i wasnt getting that it writes to the EEPROM,

ok that makes sense.

Your welcome Mahmood,


Just one other point to watch out for is that your home location altitude is in the lower box when you write to the EEPROM, as this sets the rest of the waypoints above the starting position!







I just want to add one more question in this link about the accuracy of map. All the apps and API are using google map which is itself slight offset. So what is the more effective and accurate way to design a mission preciously ? Recently i design a mission using mission planner. I took the point using my mobile at the extreme corner of the land but when i opened it in google map and mission planner, i found it was deviate from the place where i have collected it. I am attaching a link which is having this. 


Please help in getting the more accurate way to design a mission.WhatsApp%20Image1.jpeg


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