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I'm trying to perform system identification on an Arducopter and would like to be able to see the dynamics from the input to the ESC (or whatever the controller computes and sends to the motors) to the motion of the quadrotor. I haven't been able to identify an logging option for this signal. The closest I have come to is the motor log but it seems to me that is the signal sent from the radiocontroller to the arducopter and not the actual motor command. I suspect I'm not making myself overly clear here but hope you still get what signal I'm looking for! Is there a way to log this signal?


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Motor logging is the PWM sent to the ESCs.

Wow, that was a fast answer. Thanks! When I inspected that signal I didn't think it really looked like a PWM signal but I do trust you. Maybe this is a dumb question but how does this signal relate to the values the controller computes?


Thanks again!



Ah, no, I think I get it. It is what's computed by the controllers. Great! Then I have what I need.

Thanks again, for the help.

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