I have built a traditional 450 sized heli using a pixhawk autopilot, I am also using a spektrum DX8

Everything is setup and the heli flies. the only problem is is the tail wags a lot, i have previously built traditional 450 helis and encountered similar problems, ii was easy to fix this by adjusting the tail gyro gain.

I have searched all over and cannot for the life of me find where i can configure the gyro gain for the pixhawk.

ideally i would like to map it to a switch (knob) on my controller.

any advice would be greatly appreciated



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There's some advice here from RobL on the tradheli wiki.

You'll want to use inflight tuning I'm sure.

Hi Randy,

Thank you for your quick reply, you have pointed me in the right direction. however from what i can gather there is not fixed settings and they will vary from heli to heli.

Its just a matter of trial error.


The other problem i have is my channel 6 is assigned to the pitch control so i have no way of assigning it to the rate_yaw_p. this is probably a result of me setting the pixhawk up as a heli and not as an acro as other posts suggest. so i have no way of assigning channel 6 to the rate_yaw_p to allow in flight tuning.

What also annoys me is that pixhawk have implemented the motor interlock, i have no idea why they have done this because normal gyro traditional helis dont require this. So no i am forced to have to flick a switch to activate the motor then use my throttle to as a pitch controller.


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