I seem to only find instructions for 4 channel or "elevon" setups. i have a 3-ch (elevator, rudder, gas) plane and would like to run ardupilot in "stabilize" mode.

I have ardupilot 2.5

Thanks :)


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Hi Frederik,

Someone else correct me if i'm wrong, but You'll need ailerons for full stabilisation in roll. Pitch stabilisation will be achievable, however using the rudder to stabilise roll and yaw is going to be difficult.

if its a gas plane it's best to have ailerons, is there any reason you can't fit them yourself, a couple of servos and some hinge tap... Voila.

Hi Richard,

Thanks, well.. i probably could fit some ailerons but i rather want to go fly ;) I'ts a trainer with quite a bit of 'v' in the wing so it should be quite roll stable on its own.

Anyway, i'll try to hook it all up and see how it behaves :)

Thanks again :)


btw. yes, it's gas powered

use like configuring a 4 channel plane. just do not connect the aileron. since your plane does not have aileron so it does not needs stabilization on roll axis. it would stabilize only on pitch axis using elevator. second option is you can add ailerons to the aircraft. it is not so difficult to add ailerons.

Frederik, Ravi,

For a three ch fixed wing plane like a glider, aileron channel of the APM is to be connected to the rudder servo of the plane, that's what I have been doing since years.

Stabilization in the roll & yaw axis will be achieved via rudder only. I am surprised, how Ravi gave this statement !

Ravi & Rana thanks for your replies, i will try to hook it up simply ignoring the fact that i have no ailerons. If the rain here in denmark persists i might add the ailerons ;)

Second for Rana's answer.  You hook the rudder to the aileron input and output of the apm - the rudder channel will be unconnected on the apm board on both sides.  This is how I've run my 3 channel supercub with great success.  


Thank you :)

If i understand everything right: roll stabilization is done mostly using ailerons therefore i connect the (physical) rudder to the aileron output?

Hi Rana,

I would like to raise a related question here. I'm flying an EasyStar like plane without ailerons

and have connected the rudder to the aileron ports.

My first waypoint flight by no wind this weekend gave a deviation of up to 30m for waypoints straight

in line. What value should I expect if the system is setup well?


Wolfgang R.

I have a similar situation, except that I have ailerons, but no rudder. Any suggestions on how to make this work?  I'm only interested in getting autoleveling and stabilization.  My preferred mode of operations is fly by wire or stabilize. I do not intent to add a GPS.


Me? I'm in the same boat: 

I want/need to use my beloved APM 2.8's (I have several of them) in a Horizon Radian XL (2.6 m wingspan, 3 channel system), but each attempt/permutation has been unsuccessful...


Q1: HAS anyone been successful at configuring APM 2.8 (or any version) for a 3-channel (Throttle, Rudder, Elevator) fixed-wing aircraft? 

Q2: DOES anyone know of any OTHER autopilots which can be used on 3-channel fixed-wing planes? 

Hoping someone replies, 

-Mark in North Aurora


I would also very much like to get some reliable information about how to best configure a 3-channel model like the regular Radian with an FC running APM, for instance.

C'mon... Someone, somewhere must have at least tried it, hopefully survived the experience and now able to give us a little enlightment on the topic.

And even if you haven't tried it first-hand, you still may have considered suggestions or even second-hand information.




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