hi I'm new with arducopter, it been a week since i begin to figure out how to show motors log, i had already saw this tutorial,  but the motor still not show  this what i already do:

i use APM 2.6


1. set StandarParameter>LOG_BITMASK to Default + Motors

2. turn on and do the take off with  my Arducopter(Quadcopter), motor run as expected

3. download the log but when i check the DataFlash log i can't find the motor data

Here my log Visual with Mission Planner after i set the LOG_BITMASK to Default+Motors


but in the .tlog file i got servos data, is that same as motor data ?

thanks in advance

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- In Standard Parameter, LOG_BITMASK, select RCout

- after flight download Data flash log (with USB cable )

- then select "Review a Log" and look for file ending with .bin

-on graph screen select RCOU and select Chan1, Chan2, Chan3, Chan 4 (for the amount of motors you have)

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