Arduplane: What's the proper method to tune a plane with huge control throws?

What is the proper method to limit the control throws in Arduplane?

I'm using APM in a plane with large control throws. I use 3 rates on my transmitter, flying normally in mid or low, and leaving high for extreme aerobatics.

Initially I calibrated my transmitter in Mission Planner with the rates set at high. When flying in loiter mode, I notice that Arduplane over corrects on the ailerons, causing twitching.

So now I recalibrated my transmitter in Mission Planner using low rates (50%). I think it'll fly better this way, but is this really how throws should be limited in Arduplane or are there some settings that I've missed?

I also hope that my real stick limits won't confuse Arduplane in some modes, for example autotune, if they are way more than the calibrated limits in MP.



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Why don't you modify mechanically your servo horn/control rod linkages to limit the throw. So you will not have to play with radio rates and such ?

Because I fly with full rates too in manual mode. Consider an extreme example: having a 3D plane outfitted with Arduplane. In manual mode for aerobatics, you want huge control throws, but when cruising around and using autopilot, you want small throws.

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