If I want to try the latest firmware - 2.9 rc2, how do I upgrade? I don't see an option for it on the "Update Firmware" tab in MP. I also tried Arduino; downloaded 2.9, compiled and uploaded it to my APM2.5  but it still shows as 2.8.1.

Can somebody help me out?

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You will need to download the code and compile your own hex file to upload. It was discussed here recently http://diydrones.com/group/arducopterusergroup/forum/topics/beta-up...

Thanks Bill but I already tried that.

"I also tried Arduino; downloaded 2.9, compiled and uploaded it to my APM2.5  but it still shows as 2.8.1".

I'll take another look to see if I screwed something up.

Sorry but I've didn't find a better subject to ask something regarding firmware and Arduino.

It is clear that without Internet connection (for example on the airfield) we cannot upload firmware on the APM using the MP. In this case the only remaining solution is to compile the code and upload it using Arduino. After uploading, every important parameters as frame type (x, +), leveling and calibrating could be done using the MP but, could somebody explain how I can define if quad, hexa or octo frame I have?

Thanks in advance!

You can define that in APM_Config.h. There are also a few other (obvious) #defines you should probably enable too if necessary, just to keep it all clean and neat (like what APM type you're using etc.).

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