Hi all,

I'm new in the site. I have a Arduino Duemilanove. I'm trying to use it with Ardupilot Mega code. Also I'm not interested to use any RC.

Firstly my plan is to test the project with a Remzibi GPS Emulator. The Duemilanove should be connected with PC and my plan is to use joystick instead of RC. At this moment I'm not also planning to use any Mavlink/Datalink also.Various servos, camera pan-tilt, payload drop etc should be done by Duemilanove only.

My understanding is that (pl correct me if I'm wrong) I will have use Serial 0 only in the code (all Serial 1&2 has to be written as Serial 0). I've no idea about programing. Is there anyone who can help me out what should be the code?

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The ardupilot mega software will not work on a Duemilanove. It requires a ATmega1280/ATmega2560 processor. 


You might be able to get the older ardupilot v2.7 code working on the Duemilanove.  But i would suggest you just buy an actual ardupilot board as they are a similar price to arduino boards, but have additional features specifically for RC use.

Dear UT, Thank you very much for your suggestion. I have few more Questions.


1. Does Ardupilot v2.7 sopport Gamepad?


2. This question has no relation with the 1st question. Suppose I'm in a real Ship and I want to run it with a PC based autopilot and Gamepad. GPS should be connected to the PC and all calculations should be done by the PC. Then PC should send the final servo commands to a simple Microcontroller and Microcontroller will do the speed control, servo control etc. If possible I want to interface the project with a good Ground Control Station which supports Gamepad. No RC is needed as I'm onboard the ship. Pl suggest me  elaborately because I've almost zero knowledge about programming.

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