Ok those small UAVs controlled by a phone or watch are all over the place now.
Why there is no straight forward way for someone owning a pixhawk and a phone with droid planner to control it without having a RC connection established?

When I try to arm it from the phone with the RC radio off, it doesn't want to arm (droid planner 3/ tower app)

Even 3drobotics site says for their iris that there should be someone with RC connected ready to take control at any time.
Otherwise their commercials are pretty sweet, they just don't shoot the guy on the back holding the big controller

So, what is the work around?

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That's how it works here. In other forums, what Ben replied to you would be considered a personal attack. Instead, you got censored for complaining about the way you were treated. After awhile, you will give up and move on. It seems any direct questions are not always met with direct answers. Folks here seem to be very sensitive but only if they perceive anything negging on 3DR or the cult members. Sorry, it is what it is.

Yeah, very nice answer.

How would you feel if you honestly ask about something that you are curious about and someone answers with "google.com"

this place seems to be full with bunch of arrogant "pros" that have forgotten that everyone has been unknowledgeable at one point.

Just don't answer if you can't be helpful or not an asshole.

good bye

I dont think anyone is going to give a step by step on how to do it and it really isnt a secret. 90% of the people here are working people and dont always have the time to type it all out when the info is out there. I would love to type it out for you but its best to watch a person do it. You also not making any friends here by calling everyone an asshole and still asking for help.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmTL9l9DF18 (this guy has some good info)



@MFP...  You have to understand that people here are constantly asked by noobs how to do stupid things.  It gets really old.

Having noobs controlling cheap little RTF toy drones in dangerous ways is not what this forum is about.

Hey Mr Pizza guy,

It does seem possible to replace the R/C radio system with only a telemetry link using DroidPlanner. You are still using an RF link. Perhaps this works equally well using Mission Planner on a laptop, not sure.

I think you can use DroidPlanner 2 with your tablet, first hook your 900 Mhz or 433 Mhz telemetry radio using USB to the tablet, it should ask what program to associate which will be DroidPlanner. This will then bind with the radio on the Pixihawk. You can then have on sceen joystick to fly, or do a mission from tablet no need for a transmitter. 

If you set the Ground Control Station Failsafe to "Continue with the mission", then once you are in Auto Mode and armed, the mission will continue for distances greater than the RF link.

I understand the frustration of asking a straight forward question. At least you got a reply. I have asked questions in the past and got nothing but that's how it goes sometimes, no problem, everyone have busy lives. Eventually you will get the right answer don't give up.

When I was unknowledgable I was greatful for people giving me their advice not stamping my feet like a baby demanding to be spoon fed.  No one here owes you anything, they are doing you a favour by sharing their experience, so act like you deserve it.

The first responses explained exactly why it wasn't made easy.

Your childish reaction to a perfectly reasonable answer, just because you didn't like it, demonstrates that you are nowhere near responsible enough to be flying let alone overriding sensible safety precautions and putting whoever is around you in danger.

He is correct in saying that you are not making any friends with your attitude after asking to do something pretty unwise without much further explanation. It can be annoying and feel overbearing but there is a low tolerance here for things like that.

And I am going to say it again, what you are trying to do is probably unsafe in having a Mavlink only control link. If I had $1 for every time my Android froze running Droidplanner/Tower or my laptop froze running MP (not the most stable piece of software around) I could enjoy a few beers. Make sure your setup is very stable before you trust this setup as your only form of control. At very least make sure you have a good failsafe setup that you can activate by killing the mavlink radio connection, and test it while you have a conventional RC radio link.

But good luck with it anyway.

I think the real question is how crappy of a control system you can use before it becomes reckless endangerment, and what the appropriate prison sentence is when someone gets hurt.


I have got 2 high speed boats (length 40"), 2 engines.

Since RC remote is lost I plan to use 3G smartphone 2 smartphone, peer-2-peer

communication ( Android tablet if you wish).

GPS enabled smartphone should send geolocation data to control app.

RC remote is lost so in fact I have 2 engines to control via PWM for route control, got some RGB Led PWM IR controllers (12V) and plan to run some tests today since IR is available to me and can be replaced by IR sender, inserted into speakerphone jack in my smartphone

to get engine/s control commands sent to turn into IR codes, to be played as audio files

via IR sender to PWM Led controller (2 channels > 2 engines).

Pls let me know your opinion.


I am trying to replace RC by  GPS-enabled smartphone 2 smartphone peer-2-peer data communication since RC unit is lost and no chance to get it back ( high-speed boat, 2 engines, length : 40").

2 PWM channels controlled via IR commands sent by the receiving smartphone.

I risk no crash in case of slow communication, as this is just the boat not the flying copter subject to grounding if RC control is lost.

(you are in a ArduCopter thread)

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