How to use SITL simulated vehicle to test a real antenna tracker ?


I would like to test a real antenna tracker, driven by a Pixhawk and the antenna tracker firmware,  which is setup "in the middle" : on one side the antenna tracker is linked via 3DR radio to the vehicle, on the other side, it is linked to a PC running Mission planner with a second radio link.

(thus not in a configuration where mission planner is in the middle).

I am running SITL on Windows on a PC to simulate a quadcopter; so far so good.

But I can't find a way to make SITL send the quadcopter's mavlink to the COM port where the 3DR radio is connected to establish the link to the Pixhawk's telemetry port on the real antenna tracker.

(I have read the wiki in detail for SITL & Mavproxy, nothing found. The Mavproxy "ouput add" command does not work to forward a mavlink ouput to a COM port; it only works for UDP which is not a solution in my case)

So I need some help from the community. Has anyone done that succesfully and if yes, how ?


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Here under a schematics of the setup to help understand my question above:

The question is : How can I replace the left hand side of the drawing, the drone & radio, by SITL to test the antenna tracker ?

A solution to do this has been provided by Sebastian here :

Warning : antenna tracker wiki does not provide the correct information on how to foward SITL/Mavlink packets to a COM port to a real antenna tracker. Until Wiki is updated, please refer to the link above for a better explanation.

When I'll have figured out completely how things work, I'll post a blog and a modification request for the wiki.


I did most of my firmware changes using SITL. I used it on Linux - I followed the guide and "output add" worked fine for me. The only difference is that I had a complex setup with multiple raspberryPIs and all my communications were based on WiFi, so I had to use IP's rather than RS232 ports.  

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