Hi guys, 

Few month ago, I decided to build long flight time UAV. After quick google search, I came to http://vimeo.com/84302289 . Result is awesome in my case. I ordered everything for this setup. 

Motors: Tiger U8 100KV
Propeller: Tiger 28x9,2
ESC: Hobbywing Platinum 30A
Battery 6S4P GEB8043125

Now, I come up to next problem, which is PID tuning of this large craft. People who made these kind of setups are flying with DJI Naza flight controller. I prefer PixHawk with ArduCopter on board :)) . 

Did some one do these setup?

What kind of PID values did you have ? Or is there any way to calculate such values? I need some close values to fly on Stabilize mode to figure out auto tune.

As you know it's dangerous to fly with wrong PIDs on such huge and expensive quadcopter, where each props cost 160$...  

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  • Developer

    Try an autotune one axis at a time and see how you go.

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Any flight controller should fly it fine given you have access to PID parameters.

    I am currently working on a novel autotuner which is open source (github/MChehadeh/PIquad). The full beta release is expected in the beginning of 2017.

    For now, just make sure that (Sequential steps):

    * the flight controller is isolated from vibrations.

    * Tune with PD values and set I=0 as you start for pitch/roll/height.

    * Calibrate acc and gyro as accurate as possible.

    * No controller should act on X, Y channels.

    * D value should be always about two times the P value (before auto-tuning).

    * Start with small P values, test at low altitudes, increment P values, re-fly (keep P-D relation fixed).

    Hope this helps!

  • Pixhawk should work fine, Not that I don't trust Autotune, but I just manually tune, then fly, then manually tune accordingly, and repeat many times. Autotune I imagine to be a bit... well scary when you see so much cash flipping around in the air. I've built a few Mega Rigs...

  • wow, quite long flight.

  • I would also appriciate pixhawk params for usch a copter.

    Building a quad atm witk 155kv motors and 28 inch propellers and having issues getting it stable.
  • Weird, thought it was common knowledge DJI Naza is not for large UAV's. Even DJI suggests Wookong or A2.
  • Hi.

    Pixhawk and APM both are just fine with U8 motors. I've made/flown quadcopters with U8 170kv and they fly very well and smooth.

    I can share params this weekend.

    just send me an email if you need.

  • T3
    Did you ever figure out your PID issue?
    • not yet.. I'm on the way of building of my copter.. 

      • How about now?

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