Can anyone recommend a decent hyperspectral sensor that wouldn't weight more than 2-3kg including the data capture/storage unit.

Pre sales Customer service from a couple of manufacturers is rather appalling, they must be making a fortune.

 Currently looking for both a hyperspectral and multispectral solutions. I have noticed that PrecisionHawk have found a way to get headwall photonics sensor into a small platform, but somehow they must have redesigned the HDPU which I think according to headwall weights quite a lot more than precisionhawks system alone.


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Hello Duffy

Infinite Jib is working presently to build a long flight time multirotor to carry a combination LIDAR and Hyper spectra sensor package with Headwall Photonics. We expect to have the first craft finished by April. I would recommend you contact Janette Wilson at Headwall to discuss your situation. Janette can be reached at jwilson@headwallphotonics.com.

Janette is familiar with both PrecisionHawk fixed wing and the Infinite Jib multirotor craft.

The new build for Headwall comes after Infinite Jib's other successful partner ship with FLIR to create the ORION a UAV to capture raw radiometric data in flight.

Headwall's website www.headwallphotonics.com

Infinite Jib website www.infinitejib.com


Hi there,

I am aware that mosaicmill from Finland has developed a very tiny hyperspectral frame camera, however covering only the region 500-900nm. see here for the specs


Also Cubert from Germany are providing 2 different versions, one designed for UAVs.




You may be a bit ahead of the curve on that request, although that depends somewhat on the functionality and performance you require of the system. The "miniaturized" hyperspectral systems I'm familiar with (with spectral ranges of ~800nm and resolutions of 5nm) will weigh at least 5kg once you have added storage, controls, and power - closer to 7 or 8kg is more realistic (unless $$ is no bother).  Nail down the data requirements for your mission a bit better and your question about whether a system exists that might meet those requirements will become more answerable...

Thanks Marc,

Here are a few:



and I know Quest UAV are developing a new system to be available end of the year.

Myself looking for VIS-NIR, so say 500-1XXX , 10nm resolution would just fine,

Headwalls system seems to be in the $100,000 range including the frame capture and storage, the resonon system seems to be cheaper by about $20,000 depending on setup and of course the finish system by rikota blows the competition away at least in terms of price (knock off another $20,000) so sure thing it looks promising.

Precisionhawk seem to have somehow developed a lightweight frame capture and storage that is miles lighter than the compact headwall unit.

I am always looking to see what is out there, most customers at the moment don't really know what frequencies they should be looking and why.

I totally agree with your last statement, Duffy. Has been that way for as long as I have been involved in remote sensing work, even among researchers and system designers. I'll have to keep an eye on these systems.

I was so amazed at the lack of understanding of some that I thought I should set up a consultancy business in the field ;) no kidding.

PS by the way, by QUEST UAV I meant == Quest Innovations

In my area (monitoring of plant canopy characteristics for agriculture/environmental management purposes), that form of consultancy sure seems a valid business model. At least it could be should the right technologies come together to make RS as widely available, affordable, and accurately informative as has long been imagined.

Found Quest Innovations. Thx.

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