I achieved a 640x360 live streaming over cellular network with a 500ms lag today...

It took 4 days of painful work, but i finally got there. I consider this the base for my UAV experience. The transmission is incredibly stable, the video is really smooth. Here is what i used:

-Logitech C920, a good quality camera.

-Pandaboard: has an embedded video encoder that can take the raw YUYV video from the camera and encode it in h264. You can set the encoding quality/bitrate and other parameters.

-HSDPA usb dongle; 60 hours of high speed connection for 10€/month, i have a 2Mbps upload speed with this little beast. Ping increases during workload and reaches 250ms, when unused, it's as low as 50ms.

-The traffic is sent from the pandaboard to a VPN i connect with my client. This is only a way to bypass firewalls.

864x480 works but it's not as smooth as 360p, and i consider the 360p streaming to be more than enough for this. 1280x720 lags considerably.

If there is interest maybe i can publish my code and a video of how it works. Anyway, i'm a happy guy and i wanted to share it. I've never tried radiofrequency video transmission, but was worried about the range.

Now, i don't have to worry about it anymore ;)

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This is some great work! I'd love to be able to see the code for that, although I'm far away from being able to use it at the moment.

Great stuff! I hear that mobile phone towers are quite directional and pointed down. Would be good to see how this goes in the air! Unlimited FPV range!

Good job.!!!! Like others I'd like to see how it work in sources. Did you used gstreamer with plugins for TI Omap DSP?

Here are the scripts i use.
Nothing special, but they works.
Yes, i'm using the pandaboard ducati hardware encoder.


pandaboard es or pandaboard?

Pandaboard. The more expensive es version will work as well.

Strange but digikey show that es board cost lower then regulat pandaboard.


Any way thank you for info. I have some thoughs about use 4G modem on plane or copter to stream video to ground. Also I'm dreaming about use opencv to detect and track objects. Currently it's just a dreams but i hope if future it become true. I already have odroid U2. But look like a bounght wrong board for my dreams.

That's a cool dream - I'm starting a project that will include some of that stuff for my Ph.D. If you're interested in working together, let me know! I'm still in the very beginning phase and don't have all the hardware I'll need yet.

If you can get the ES for lower, get that one ;)

We have just launched a digital FPV solution utilizing a cellular network using similar hardware on Indiegogo:


You might also want to check out our blog entry on diydrones.

Do you have any working demo of your product where you achieve your claimed 1080p stream? Because i can't see it.

Connecting a camera to a beaglebone certanly isn't cool enought ;)

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