I Freaked out after connected the Ardupilot Mega to PC

The computer wouldn't recognize the USB device despite installing latest Windows 7 64bit drivers. In fact I tried connecting the Ardupilot Mega to all 3 of my laptops and had the same error in Windows Vista and Windows 7 32bit.


Finally i took out my old Arduino board and connected that which had no problems with any of my computers.


As I calmed myself down..trying to not think that i have a DoD $300 paperweight.... nor questioned my subpar solder skills... i found took off the USB cable from my DVD drive as i knew that transmits data and used that on my Ardupilot Mega board..and it connected smoothly to Windows 7 64 and APM no problem...


Seriously... What gives... DIY Drones gave me a non-working USB cable?


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shit happens, as much as I can understand testing boards  before shipping, Not testing the cables is nothing bad, after all, who would expect 4 wire usb cable being bad straight from the manufacturer? But it is good that on different cable your APM worked.

The APM kit doesn't come with a USB cable. What product did you buy?

My kit came with a cable...

yup, both of mines did too :)

Yea I bought the APM kit from DIY Drones. The cable was inside the kit.

Looks like they've started throwing in a freebie now, but it's not listed in the product listing. I'll suggest they remove it--we don't want to deal with tech support on USB cables, which everyone has loads of already!

Last item on the list of things included is a USB cable...unless I am mistaken? 

Ah, you're right. That's new and not in the picture. Sorry. Anyway, nobody needs another USB cable, so I'm going to recommend we remove it from the kit.

hahaha at I needed one that worked =P


Hi Steve, send an email to sales@3drobotics.com so we can get you set up with a replacement cable, I apologize for the bad experience!

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