looking to fly a hero 3 what copter do I buy for the best results and stability?

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Check out the discovery tbs frame. It's not cheap but it's designed to carry a gopro without having too add an extra mount or landing gear. There are also some tri coper frames designed for gopros and I have read that they can get over 20 minutes of flight time...


dji flamewheel f450 works great with hero any one. just add the $25 dollar large landing gear for dji f450/550 and put it under the from frame facing forward, no prop view no gear in frame, perfect...half the price of a tbs frame and just as good!

There are lot's of good airframes out there but I fly an XAircraft X650-V8 and shoot with both a GoPro 2 HD and a GoPro 3 Black edition.  You can see some pics and videos on my page here and on my YouTube page HERE

do you use an APM? If so, would you mind sharing your configuration settings? If not, what controller do you use? I'm currently using the XAircraft controller, and it's not the most stable....

most definately the SteadiDrone QU4D www.steadidrone.com

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