The copter will arm and disarm before takeoff, but once I am in the air I will get a sudden drop.  When I land, I am not able to disarm.  Also, I loose control of the throttle too.

I am not sure if it has to do with my Advanced Parameters settings or something else.

I you need additional info. let me know regarding 


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This situation has happened only one other day.  The first time happened when it was very hot and humid.  Yesterday was the same conditions.  Can this be a factor in some way.

I am using a 4s 5000mah 50c lipo.  The motors (DJI 2212 920kv) and ESCs (DJI Opto 30A) are not hot.  - Hexacopter (Ardupilot Mega 2.5+)

The symptoms were as if the battery was getting low, but each cell was at 3.92 volts.

The plus side, I was only 10 feet off from the ground.  The negative, and scariest was once on the ground it would not disarm until it decided to on its own.

I charge and balance my batteries.  Should I periodically just balance the cells?   

If someone needs more information, please ask me what is needed to shed some light on this.  As I said before, this has only happened two different days with the same weather.  Also, I was getting two to four minutes of flight time before the power drop.


I am new to this and the trouble shooting seems to be endless when something is intermittent.   

Here's a r & t log of one of the hover flights from yesterday.   

Note:  I was mainly hovering due to testing a new gimbal for my GoPro camera.  Also, the controller from the gimbal is powered independently.

As I mentioned before, everything has been running very well other than the two days (May 19th and June 22nd) that had similar weather.  It probably sounds crazy.  Although, the motors and ESCs are not hot.  There may be a sudden power drop and the ESC/s are then going to failsafe.  Yikes, how do I deal with DJI pre-programmed ESCs?    

I updated the mission planner to 1.2.55 after the log.  

I have additional logs, but hopefully this is a start.

There are a lot of possible solutions spinning in my head, but as I mentioned I am new to this and need some experienced advice to solve this problem.  



After doing some additional research regarding DJI Opto ESC users, I haven't heard of any complaints.  I wonder if the weight of the copter could be a problem.  I have 2814 710kv motors that I will install, and  maybe the larger motors will avoid the problem.  Note:  The motors specs are good for the 30A ESCs. 

Also, I noticed one of my Graupner 10 x 5 props was not fully secured (snug, but not tight - some movement).  I am not sure if there was any slippage, but maybe that could create an ESC spike and create a failsafe situation.  - Just wondering.

Still open for suggestions.


You're using 10x5 props with 4S?  That's well in excess of what should be used with those motors and ESC.

Those motors should be using the 9 inch (9x6?) props with 4S.  The 10x6 props are to be used with 3S.

Oops.  Graupner 10 x 5 props.

You are correct.

I got caught up trying the Graupner 10 x 5's with 4s, because the motors were only half as warm as the DJI 10 x 4.7 props using 3s.

I Believe the pitch on the Graupners allow less drag than the DJI 10 x 4.7 props, but at the same time "jack up" the RPMs.

I have some larger 2814 710kv motors but I am waiting for a few parts before installation.


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