I want to fly drones, so I bought the iris. It didn't listen half the time and has crashed so much it looks like an IED hit it. I thought I'd learned so I bought a y6 diy kit. It just fell out of the sky with the walkera g 3d gimbal and smashed itself to pieces.

Is this typical for new rc pilots or am I just not ment for this?

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No te preocupes  aqui es montar volar romper arreglar y volver a volar  a todos  e incluso los que llevan mucho tiempo tambien le pasa los mismo

Gracias por el consejo , aunque prefiero Inglés para que todos pudieran entender fácilmente el consejo . Destrocé de nuevo después de hacer reparaciones, pero que era de una colisión con un ave y no por mi culpa . Dumb pigeon.
That site is messy but amazing! I dig through it in all my free time now.

i would take youup on your offer.... (I live near Los Angeles), pasadena area...

Ive been struggling thru this hobby for about 6 months, but cant get time with other pilots as I am unable to drive.  I can get use the bus and train but carrying my quads on those metro lines is tuff...

I live in an apt building with little to no room to practice.. although, I would think that if I do succeed here, Iwill be a great pilot.

if you are interested, let me know when you will be around....thanks

you should buy the simulator fenixrc  and  yo  go  well .....

Despues de 6 meses de simulador   a 1-2 horas diarias  eres un campeon

After 6 months of 1-2 hours daily simulator you are a champion

affiliatemarketingisfun.com :)

I totally believe in doing the sim> cheap quad> expensive quad> diy multirotor path, but the sim part can't cover everything. For instance: I disturbed a flock of pigeons while flying in my field, one of whom knocked down my gps antenna and caused my drone to spin in huge circles till I forced it to land. I'm starting to believe that I am to uavs what sitcoms are to tv.
It's starting to sound a little bit like a curse after all.
Is there a Darwin Award for R/C?
Blade Nano QX. I've flown mine EVERYWHERE. I've always got it with me in my truck. If I've got a few minutes to spare, I fly.
In an RV, many hotel rooms, on a train.
In your apartment shouldn't be too hard. If you break something and get sent to your room...you can fly in there too.

Flocks and upset hawks are a challenge. Trees too, even though they (usually) don't move. :-)  By now your eyes are probably tired from reading posts and comments, but here, here, and here are collections of links to stuff you may find useful. 

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