I am a ArduCopter enthusiasts from China, my APM flight control from the Made in China, mainly I am here to purchase community goods inconvenient, in fact, I am willing to buy goods in the community. Due to this reason I try to purchase this rack 3DR ArduCopter Quad community, but I failed again, so I want a 3DR ArduCopter Quad drawings of the rack, and then reference drawings do a rack. Hope that well-meaning friends drawings give me a copy of it? I am very grateful.
                                                                                               Well-meaning friends Thanks again!

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"Well-meaning friends Thanks again!" - yeah right.....I suppose the product will be called 3CR(C for china) Arduflyer quad.

Is not the case, I'm just a pure ACM enthusiasts, because the purchase inconvenient so only think of their own DIY, but no reference information, so to help everyone. If you can provide a more convenient way to buy, I am willing to buy, such as taobao.com, but we can not buy here. I'm different from other people, I do not sell anything, because I'm just an amateur.

Are you referring to the original Arducopter with the many, many, plastic parts? If so there were drawings available though I cannot find them at this time.

The 3DR drawings of the current release (Version C) are not available. The B version was on the 3DR site for download.

Here is shot of the basic dimension of the B version (no copyright information was on the original plans - pull this post mods if told to).

The dimensions are in inches. The newest Ver C has shorter arms, different drilling pattern for the motors, and modifications for the central body. I am sure the tuning variables are adjusted for the reduction in moments.

I build all my *frames* (short for airframe) and I assume this is your meaning for 'rack'.

Good luck! You should be able to start your project with this basic information and some online research.


Thank you, I do not know there is a version of the distinction, as sales of goods, ask others to be very rude drawings.If this is the case, then I think about the other way, try to the community goods purchased again to see whether it can be successful.

The original ArduCopter designs are all here. Funny looking back at that one -- it sure was fiddly!

The rack on the link you provided is not what I want, I sent a photo for everyone to see it, in fact, that rack is pretty.

Or thank you!

That is the C version of the 3DR Arducopter. The drawings are not available on the website.

The arms of the C *frame* (not rack) are shorter than the B version.




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