I am wondering if I could send fpv live feed video to smartphones, if that is at all possible. Or if its possible to have the main ground station able to send video signals and spread it to phones. I am just wondering if that is possible. Thanks for reading.


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Yes, this is possible but it depends on the budget and/or schedule among other things. There are commercial solutions like this that create their own Wi-Fi network and encode the video to H.264.


If the budget is smaller than that the same thing could be created with a small computer and commodity hardware (though it would be a lot less elegant). Also the radio would need to be something other than the common 2.4 GHz band since the Wi-Fi network would be on the same frequency. There are UHF alternatives like DragonLink and OpenLRS or just an older radio could be used that is FM.

Another option would be with off the shelf FPV equipment or higher end 5 GHz video transmitters and then deal with the streaming and H.264 encoding on the ground instead of on the aircraft.

Of course I would manage on the ground. Sorry for not making that clear. I don`t want the plane to literally live feed to phones. I would have it live feed to a ground laptop and from there, to cell phones.  Also is it possible instead of having my live feed footage on a moniter could I use it on a laptop to save room inside my little box? Thanks for the help. As you can tell I am quite new with the ardupilot system. So I have plenty of questions.

In one of the classes that I took at UND we built a telemaster with a goal of having a live video stream being relayed to first responders via smart phone or tablet. 

Here is what we did. (Free)

First; Your computer will need a internet connection. This can be acheived by creating a hotspot with a smart phone, being in range of a wifi network, or some other method.

Second; create a USTREAM account. (This is a website that allows you to broadcast any video feed live.) 

Third; Broadcast, the faster the connection the better quality and or speed will be on the people using the smart phones.

So basically if your computer gets a video feed you can stream it to anyone via the internet.

Good luck! If let us know how things turn out!

Email me at michael.klarenbeek@gmail.com if you have questions.

I believe the latest version of the GoPro cameras can transmit, via wifi, to smart phones.

I'll echo Michael - good luck and let us know what you end up with.

THANKS MICHEAL!!! I will sure try that. Brian yes I know the Hero 3 can transmit to phones but I don`t think they have that much range.

Just throwing this out there...

Perhaps using an iPhone as a cam.. a second iPhone as a display.. and Facetime? HD video? 

Hey Luke,

In your opinion what would be the best option for components on an FPV quad that could be viewed and controlled by a smart phone but at the same time remote viewed by up to 5 other smart phones or tablets via wifi. If possible a 5km minimum distance would be ideal. Thanks for you input.

Scott, when you say controlled by a smart phone do you mean setting points for a mission or do you mean complete control? There's an Android version of the ground control station that allows two way communication using the 3DR radio to set points for the mission or tell it to return home. If you want complete control like a traditional radio transmitter then just get a traditional radio and use an amplifier or UHF transmitter module. To get the video feed to other phones and tablets I'd use a receiver on the ground that then broadcasts again over Wi-Fi (computer with a capture card or a purpose built device like the Cube). There are inexpensive video transmitters for standard definition that will do what you want (less than $100) but for HD video it will be quite a lot more expensive. Airborne Innovations has some transmitters that will do HD video over very long distances, I've looked into them but not used them.

Yes, m

I have done this with a small smartphone as the TX (Samsung Galaxy S) and started a feed using Tango to a ROOM.  The latency is an issue, but the technology is there.  I was showing a friend in Michigan what FPV looks like, and I was flying in Kansas.  He was impressed and immediately went out to buy a Quadcopter.

hey brian, can the gopro transmit to a computer? only latest version has live feed? (or a picture every hald a second which for vision will be like live feed)

Perhaps take a look at Wifi Broadcast. It uses raspberry pi's and wifi dongles to stream HD video that can be viewed live by a laptop at fairly low latency (130 ms)  The laptop could then repeat the stream over a local network/ wifi hotspot etc. :) 

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