I am wondering if I could send fpv live feed video to smartphones, if that is at all possible. Or if its possible to have the main ground station able to send video signals and spread it to phones. I am just wondering if that is possible. Thanks for reading.


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You can use a EZ grabber USB video capture to get the image from your Video receiver into your PC and you can also pull the video from your video receiver and connect a 802W Wireless WiFi Transmitter to send the video to your phone via a free app.

Tried this combo and it works fine. You do loose resolution but it is dirt cheap and works. You should have a video splitter so you don't add to the video degradation. I had mine going through an EagleEyes setup.

About $20-$30 for the grabber and $30-$50 for the wifi transmitter.

Once you have live video capture on the PC, it's just a matter of making sure the phone can reach the PC (internet or local connection on both) and then encode and stream the video to the phone. Simplest method would be using VideoLAN (VLC) on both ends. But there are many others. Getting a low latency stream going requires more effort and specialized solutions like GStreamer etc.

WiDV includes a RTSP server on the video receiver, using the receiver's Ethernet port you could plug a wireless access-point so phones can connect to it using wifi. On the phones you can install any RTSP client like VLC for android to watch the video feed.

Their instructions are here http://wiki.wirelessdv.com/. ( check the "Video streaming server" section )

I hope it helps.

Please try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rcmobile.FPV it sends low rate video stream over 3G/4G and much more other features.

I created software to run on a companion computer for the APM that does this (https://github.com/rospilot/rospilot). It's open-source and runs on a single board computer. It transcodes the video to H264 and streams over Wifi. Lemme know what you think!

could we use

 802.11ac RTL8812AU wifi module

 for wifi 5.8 telemetry with pixhalk instead of the slow 2.4  

& would this allow me to have HD fpv if it was in my gopro?


I did just that for my first fpv system.

You need:

  1. 5.8Ghz receiver with video output
  2. 2.4Ghz wifi transmitter with same kind video input
    1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WIFI-Transmitter-P2P-30fps-Realtime-FPV-for...

Plug them together, download the app for the wifi transmitter, connect to the wifi network and you will see the video on your phone/tablet.

+1 to @Checkers idea of the Wifi Broadcast software. Basically using a Raspberry Pi + a wifi dongle in what I think is called promiscuous mode. Has anyone seen a project with an ESP8266 doing something like this? That thing is so hackable it is clearly a contender for this type of project. Perhaps a camera with HDMI out (so it is doing the encoding) connected directly to an ESP8266 that just transmits whatever the camera sends it. Then use a computer to decode the whole shebang on the ground side. Latency starts adding up is a big problem here. 

When something like this happens for small, light and cheap the hobby will be significantly changed. 

I just noticed this thread on the main page. FYI, I have a smartphone app on the Google play store that will stream live video from a UAV to an Android smartphone/tablet, and overlay the HUD if you have telemetry.  You need a GStreamer source, such as with a Raspberry PI, and a WiFI connection to your UAV. There is also a Windows version.

See my blog  here for instructions and a link to the side-load free version.

If you have the cash... Teradek clip (300ft) as it's has an access point and rtsp server license (optional).If you have more cash, paralinx arrow plus (650ft). Paralinx glass to glass is under 65ms. And we've just flown a modified paralinx on a 250 mini quad to a cinemizer and lcd, no problems... The lcd at 720P was flicker free. Clip is smart phone compatible while the others are hdmi out.

Some folks on rc groups have added access point extenders for the clip to get 1000ft range but I'm assuming you're setting up a mini quad, so weigh is the issue, we modified the paralinx for that reason (wiring)...

AUVidea.eu have made some (somewhat) cheap HD video encoders intended for RC use:

They comes with a WiFi or (wired) Ethernet module.

Quote from product description: 
"E12 compact H.264 encoder module
The E12 compact H.264 encoder module features a mini HDMI HD video input. It puts the same features and the same performance of the E110/E112 encoders into a much smaller form factor at a much smaller weight. In particular this is important for drone and UAV applications, to encode HD video and stream it with low latency to a ground station, The latest firmware adds an interface to flight controllers and autopilot systems, to perform HD OSD display of selectable data which is received via MAVLink.

  • H.264 codec up to level 4.1 (baseline, main, and high profiles)
  • video encoding up to 720p50/60, 1080i50/60 or 1080p24/25/30
  • streaming: RTSP stream (128 to 20000 kbit/s)
  • live change of bandwidth, GOP size and resolution while streaming
  • power: 7 - 17V, 3.5W (5.5x2.5mm jack) - optional: internal power connector
  • size: 49 x 61 mm
  • mounting: extra 7mm mounting hole
  • weight: 17 gr (just the encoding module)

<Quote end>

Got to say that i find it one of the most attractive solutions I have seen so far.
You can only expect to have a single video stream. I guess that if one wants to have multiple video receivers, you will need to make and bring a small (Rasperry Pi-based?) server to receive the feed and redistribute it.
Obviously, that will introduce additional lag, but if you don't need to PFV from that signal, you are probably good.

I believe that it is also possible to attach an external WiFi antenna to the WiFi module.

Best, Jon

On a parallel subject, with all of the media attention these days, who else thinks that an fpv racing reality TV show is in order?

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