I am wondering if I could send fpv live feed video to smartphones, if that is at all possible. Or if its possible to have the main ground station able to send video signals and spread it to phones. I am just wondering if that is possible. Thanks for reading.


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I'm not sure about the "reality" part, but I could easily see it as a new type of 3D race/motor sport.

Computer gaming - only with a physical aspect.
Podracing like the StartWars movie, with live video from each aircraft, flying through forest or - even better - purposely build and marked track.
Colorful poles and gates to go over/under/around.

I think I'm going to suggest to my local flying club, that we build such a track - I believe we have a corner rarely used during normal flying. Might even be possible to attract new (and younger) members that way.

Would it make sense to have a common set of rules for the race and track?

There is already an effort in the vein of standardization through an organization called multi-gp. If we can find a way to emphasize our sport during the star wars craze that is swelling, we might be able to shed new light and get more positive press! Call me crazy, but this could even evolve into full scale racing some day!

Live feed to phone, you mean like in this video?

That works well. Thanks David.

My completely non-scientific estimate of lag with this solution is that it's just over 100ms, which is as good as it is on my laptop with the EasyCap.

I have a Moto X running KitKat, an EasyCap based on the stk1160 chipset, and the FPV kit from the 3DR store.

How about using Periscope or Meerkat? 

Such a great gift,The products are amazing to use,This awesome gopro live streaming to pc - https://goo.gl/2uOjfD

See my response to a post about MIMO video streaming on DIYDrones here

The WiFi modules take an HD video input. Costs vary widely depending on grade of the electronics. While this long range (2 miles) industrial module can cost up to $150 a cheapo module (200ft range(?) )costs about $30.

You can use a Raspberry PI (or PI zero) to stream multiple video channels to a ground station. This drone has 3 cameras - PiCam (1080p), ThermApp thermal imaging camera, and a low-light B&W (PAL) video (RunCam Eagle 2), and all 3 streams go over a 5GHZ wifi channel. 

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