I want to start Arducopter Traditional Heli: What Setup Should I buy


By looking at Randy's videos I am planning to buy one low cost heli like TREX 450 (or any other which require minimum tuning from standard values) but I have few questions

1. Should I buy a flybarless unit or flybared unit.

2. Do I need a tail gyro

3. Videos show stabilize and loiter etc but it doesn't show how the heli flies otherwise. Can someone explain


I wanna do initial testing then I want to put this unit on logo 600 or Trex 700

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Would you consider purchasing an HK450?  Same as the Trex, but cheaper.  I've got an HK600GT and it's been good.


1. They say APM works better with a flybarless setup.  But it does work with a flybar.


2. I don't think you need a tail gyro anymore.  I just flew without one on Sunday and it works well.  But this is sort of cutting edge, I'm the first, so no guarantees.


3. I don't think anybody has done any other flying yet.  This is all new for helis and we're just working on getting them to loiter well before going on to other things.

I too am looking to use the traditional heli method. I have been experimenting with a friends ardupilot on fixed wing and can see that a heli would be better.


However I have several helis available to use but wanted to use my XCell. It uses traditional cyclic inputs as opposed to CCPM, before I take the plunge does anyone know if this type of swash input is supported yet?

No, this swash plate is not supported yet.  I think it could be done, but given the resources currently capable of working on the program compared to the needs for other aspects of the program (ie: I think we don't have enough people working on it, only a small core group who are overwhelmed) I don't think the changes will be made anytime soon.


So, if you don't feel capable of doing the programming yourself, you should probably not go down this road.  Honestly, I bet that the changes needed are not that great.

Sorry, I wasn't following this group so I missed it!


As robert says, the changes aren't too great to support a fourth servo supporting the swash but for the moment, i really need to get the darn loiter perfected!

Randy, it's probably as simple as just *not* combining collective, aileron, and elevator into the swash plate.  They are already determined discretely, just don't run the math to combine them and send them direct to the individual servos.

Not that I'm saying you should go do it.  Just outlining the scope, I think somebody could probably tackle this easily.

Probably beyond my programming skills to come into this project cold. My poor old grey computer doesn't work as well as it used too!

I took your advice and moved on to a quad copter idea to test the apm 2 when it arrives and then probably a Honeywell T-Hawk idea for my final drone.

Fascinating work you guys have done...keep it up!

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